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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions About Pullupasandbag.com


Q.     Am I committing to anything when I sign up to pullupasandbag.com?

A.     Absolutely not. The website and its associated app are both free and there are no membership fees.


Q.    What about my data if I decide to leave?

A.     If you join pullupasandbag.com and decide it’s not for you, there is a delete button. Once you have clicked on the button and deleted your membership, all your data goes with you. Unlike other websites, we don’t suspend your membership and keep all your data.


Q.     Are you a charity? How do you raise the money?

A.     No, we are not a charity. We are a not for profit social networking site. We aim to generate revenue through advertising in the same way as other websites. We DO NOT take donations.


Q.    What do you do with the money?

A.     We will donate 100% of the profits from pullupasandbag.com to organisations that benefit the welfare of Veterans. That will include selected charities, Breakfast Clubs and other organisations we wish to support.

Q.     What information do you want off me?

A.      If you sign up to the website, the only information that is compulsory is your first and last name, DoB, and Gender. During the sign up process, you will be invited to fill in other information. That’s for you to decide. Once you have signed up, you can go to your profile information and using the toggle switches on the panel, decide who can and cannot see your information. If you choose the option ‘Me Only’, the only people that will be able to see your information will be yourself and the admins.


Q.     Can we have military only groups on pullupasandbag.com?

A.     Yes. When somebody starts a group, they will have the option to have their group open or closed. If the group is closed, then members of the website will have to request to be members of your group.


Q.     If I start a group on Pullupasandbag.com, who moderates it?

A.     You do. The only time that pullupasandbag.com will get involved is if a member of the website fills in an abuse report. If the abuse report is considered to be minor, we will show it to you to deal with. If the report is of a serious nature though, then pullupasandbag.com will deal with it.


Q.    How much is it to start a page or group for my organisation?

A.     Nothing. We welcome people starting a page or group and then sharing it amongst friends and members.


Q.     What do you hope to achieve with pullupasandbag.com?

A.      The long-term ambitions of pullupasandbag.com are numerous. We would like to raise enough money so that we can pay for Veterans to be trained up as counsellors. That way, they can then counsel other Veterans. They will be paid for that work by pullupasandbag.com. They can also then be self employed to counsel others. We could purchase property and then do it up using the labour of Veterans. Veterans could then live in it . We could donate money to Breakfast Clubs so that instead of just meeting in the pub, they can take part in other activities. We could donate money to the smaller charities who have their boots on the ground so that they can concentrate on doing the work they do instead of taking up all their time fundraising. We are also open to projects and other ideas from you and other members.


Q.     Who choses where the money is donated.

A.      The members decide by their usage. If you start a group or a page we can see the amount of usage. As such your group /page will have a higher percentage to spend on the charity or good causes they choose. That said we don't envisage donating to a person or group who is raising money for a charity or good cause. For example all charities / good causes will be vetted, and if you ask for money for yourself or a member of your group or page because he is walking from / to, x and Y, in order to raise money for, it is unlikely to be received in good faith.


Q.    Reporting content.


A.    The vast majority of people on this site will have served in the Armed forces. One things we all used to aid us throught that service and beyond was humor. Some dark, and some very black. So before you consider reporting somebody for their content, think about stuff from their point of view. That said NEVER shy away from reporting content which you believe to have crossed the line. We will look at the report and content, view the contex within which it was posted, and then make a decision about how to deal with the content and the report.


Q.    Why am I seeing all the content ?


A.     As with other social media sites, this is in its infancy. Although we already have a number of Groups and Pages started, we sincerely hope that the site will grow enormously, and that one day it may have 100's of groups and Pages.

However at the moment, all the members of the site are posting on to the one feed and everybody sees everything. Once we grow the feed will be changed so that all you see is the content of the groups pages and friends., (like other sites). So when you post your content, is it just a throwaway comment, or is it something you wish to debate? If it is the latter, then think about what group it should go in as if you post something on the feed that you want to debate, it will just disapear out of the feed and nobody will see it.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email us.